Exclusive interior door MILANO Interdoor natura dąb forto (oak)


MILANO are natural veneer doors designed in Italian style. It depends on you if they will be full doors or with a big frame and with glass applications. If you supplement them with decorative panels you can completely change the character of your home.

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Product Description

Standard accessories

    • normal key lock, bathroom lock or patent insert lock
    • in case of rebate door leaves a gasket in rebate
    • rebate door leaf is 42 mm thick, non-rebate flat one is 38 mm thick, casing one is 42 mm thick
    • Hinges dependant on type of door leaf:
      • rebate door leaf for regulated door frame - three spigot hinges, golden or chromic
      • rebate door leaf for wall thick door frame - three spigot hinges regulated in three dimensions, golden or chromic
      • rebate door leaf for steel door frame according to the Polish Norm (PN) - three spigot hinges according to PN, golden or chromic
      • non-rebate door leaf for wall thick door frame - three bi-fold door leaf spigot hinges, golden or chromic

Internal doors are provided with TECHNICAL APPROVAL AT 15-6159/2003 issued by Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (Building Technology Institute) on 30.12.2003 and also CERIFICATE OF HYGIENEHK/B/1737/01/98.

Cross sections

The door leaf is a sill of MDF board with a stick-on of coniferous wood coated with MDF board with a decorative cutter, completely filled in with isolation board which combined with two-row gasket system allows to achieve high parameters of acoustic isolation, Rw=32-36 dB.